September Style Break: Rings Ring My Bell

My older sister Kristin is definitely the style maven in the family. She knows everything about every beauty product on the market and taught me how to get a great deal when shopping for clothes and accessories. She lives in Boston with her family, so while we don’t get to go shopping together often, it’s always fun. We were chatting about the latest trends (Cobalt blue is everywhere. I’m predicting Pantone’s 2014 color of the year!) and she has offered to share a little in a mid-month style break!

carmen ash photography, the confederate home and college, charleston weddings, jen darling Here we are with my two darling brothers on my wedding day. She was rocking lace before even Kate Middleton made it popular. Enjoy!

I’m so excited to be contributing to my little sister’s blog today! I LOVE fashion and beauty. In a different lifetime, I would have been a beauty editor with a bathroom cabinet and bureau top to prove it (my addiction to Sephora borders on obscene). Fashion-wise, I’ve worked in the retail industry for the better part of the last twenty years (yes, I was only 8 when I started), high end, low end and everything in between. Fashion is my creative outlet that I can change daily, sometimes even hourly. It’s a way for me to say to the world what version of Kristin you are getting. Even after becoming a mom (of two devlishly sweet boys) fashion is still just as important as ever. Though I’ve tried not having a daily “uniform”, you’ll find multiples of the easy things in my closet like tanks, T’s, cardi’s and jeans.

I’m sure you thinking, “ok, where is she going with all of this and what about ringing bells.” I had an A-HA moment a few years ago when I came across Stella & Dot. I fell in love with their jewelry collections and signed on as a Stylist to support my habit and be able to share my expertise with other women. My motto is “jewelry & bags always fit.” So even on those days when I dip into my mom uniform of basics, I know that I can style it up with a fantastic piece (or several) of jewelry, a super cool scarf that I’ve tied in a different way, and a knock-your-socks off bag.

stella and dot, stacked rings, fall 2013 fashion, fall 2013 jewelry, jen darling


Images via Stella & Dot Stylists

My current obsession is stacked rings. I’m ready to try something different than an arm party (however, if that’s your thing, own it). I want rings, rings and more rings. On my pinkie, on my knuckle, a double finger, teeny tiny, super huge, sparkly or simple, that’s where it’s at. 

What’s ringing your bell right now, 1 ring or two, three or all five fingers. 

stella and dot, stacked rings, fall 2013 fashion, fall 2013 jewelry, jen darling

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Check out even more rings on Stella and Dot. Jen is hosting a virtual trunk show so you can see the latest, order something for yourself and start to stock up on holiday gifts, it’ll be here before you know it!

Send in a picture, we would love to see!

One thought on “September Style Break: Rings Ring My Bell

  1. Kristin

    Love, love, love how it all came together! To all of Jen’s friends, let’s help her get one of those cobalt stunners (wallet, bag and printed scarf) and pick up something fantastic for yourself. Email me if you want any suggestions, I’m always ready with some pearl of wisdom or two! Also, her Virtual Trunk Show runs into Breast Cancer Awareness month with Stella & Dot. There are some fantastic pieces coming up that the proceeds will be donated to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Cheers!


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