Some Days

Some days you just feel like this.

Nothing is quite fitting into place. Everything is taking a little longer than you want. Your hair dryer decides to stop working when you have just the top left (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). Your puppy might have a bug and you hope she didn’t eat something horrible. You lose your keys. And you’re looking in the mirror saying, “It’s only 7am, what happened to today?”

When you woke up this morning you felt like today was going to be like this:


Okay, so maybe you don’t get to go bungee jumping today. But you were ready to rock this day. It was going to be long, you were going to have a lot to do, but it was going to go well. And then the energy you needed just wasn’t there. So you turn to your best friend, and pull it together:

20130611-083841.jpgLast night, Adam took me on a date to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, which was amazing. Two hours seven minutes with Chris Pine? Yes please. It was more violent than the first one, but it was a great film. Hopefully I can sit down and write a review this week, though we saw The Great Gatsby weeks ago and I haven’t written about that yet. And now, I am determined that today will be a great day, despite getting off to a rocky start!

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Update: Thanks momma for some great advice!

jen darling

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  1. Sue Harrington

    The good news is that you can start your day over at any moment you choose and make it a whole new day!


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