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Wow has this week flown by!

I had a fun and very successful trip to Atlanta this week. I loved catching up with Chelsea, John and Nate at Einsteins on Monday. Pulled pork with baked apples and fried green tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and pesto aioli really hit the spot.

j crew suit, coach bag, jen darling, business formal attire, interview outfitsj crew suit, coach bag, jen darling, business formal attire, interview outfits

Then Tuesday morning I headed to the Sky Lounge. I brought a suit from J.Crew, a scarf I bought in Spain and a coordinating bag, my grandmother’s pearls, comfortable pumps, a high bun and a smile. Man does makeup weigh a ton!

My meeting in the Sky Lounge was like three days of sorority recruitment rolled into five hours. There were breakout sessions, 2-on-1 meetings, Q&A, snacks, and lots of time for mingling. I met some really fun and lovely people from Detroit, Atlanta, and New York. I made friends with an Australian girl who now lives in Michigan (not sure I could make that trade!), a fellow who has lived in Shanghai for 10 years teaching English, and another who works for the government in D.C. He kept joking to not hold it against him (it was easy not to).

Through these meetings I had this strange sense of comfort and deja vu. I never thought that all those years of singing, clapping, and mingling in recruitment would actually come in handy. It was easy to keep a smile on my face, I didn’t notice my high heels bothering me, and I found appropriate times to sneak out and reapply my lipstick. I chatted with everyone, easily finding things to talk about, making connections, and asking good questions.

jcrew sweatshirt, pearls, scarf, travel outfit, jen darlingelle magazine, travel, cupcakes, jen darling

Then in a blink it was over. Back at the airport I picked up some cupcakes for my flight home (which was ironically delayed, changed gates 4 times, and ultimately had to get a new airplane) and a magazine, grateful that I thought to change into jeans and a cute sweatshirt.

Now I’m playing the waiting game, and once all the paperwork goes through I can be less cryptic. It was really nice to realize that those years at the Alpha Chi house had given me exactly the tools I needed to pursue this new dream (and of course, seek the heights!).

But my lesson from the Sky Lounge: when you’re with a big group of people you don’t know, be your self, smile, and don’t be shy. They’ll love you darling. Happy Friday!

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