Tree House: Play Space or Punishment?

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

Over the weekend, a friend of mine posted this quote online:

I think tree houses are really insensitive, it’s like killing something and making one of its friends hold it.

Is a tree house cruel and unusual punishment?

The first argument would be that tree’s aren’t people, they don’t have feelings and don’t notice things like branches, planks and rope bridges. But ask a faery, an elf, or a wood sprite and you’ll get a different answer. Of course trees feel. Better yet, go to Fern Gully and help defeat Tim Curry. He really needs to get a few roles that aren’t the bad guy.

As an “activist” I fall in the category of I care about my impact on the environment, and I’ll do the things I can if it’s not crazy expensive or 110% inconvenient. I think that’s a good way to handle things. And I think there are ways to work with nature that don’t damage it, but sometimes a tree just grew perfectly for a swing.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

This one looks particularly awesome. If only we could afford water-front property so I could get one of these. I can already see myself with a pitcher of raspberry lemonade and my laptop writing my second novel here (assuming I finish my first before we move…).

So, before I get onto a reduce, reuse, recycle soapbox, what do you think about tree houses? Is this taking environmentalism too far?

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3 thoughts on “Tree House: Play Space or Punishment?

  1. Rachel

    In this day & age when most kids are strapped to a tele or computer, I think that Tree Houses are a lost childhood love. As a child I played in one, but also had a much more profound sense of nature than my calloused thumb gaming friends. We need to respect our environment, however those children who grow up outside “killing trees for play time” grow up having a much deeper understanding of where things come from; when you cut a tree how long does it take to grow back, & how sometimes the best place to be is in a tree.

  2. Katie

    I have had a love of tree houses ever since my first viewing of Swiss Family Robinson as a kid, so as much as i love trees, they will just have to deal with holding their dead friends 🙂

    Also one question about the last photo. . how does one enter and exit this floating orb above the water?

    1. jen Post author

      I’ve never actually had a tree house, which is what made me think on this a little. And I have no idea how one would enter! Maybe one would need a gigantic pair of wellies…Do you think you could get thigh-high ones? lol


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