Twenty Seven

happy birthday lilly pulitzer 2012

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I’ve been feeling under the weather, which makes celebrating tough. Hopefully by my birthday party this weekend I’ll be back up to full speed.

Birthdays are super important to me. With so many siblings, your birthday was the one day a year when you didn’t have to compete for attention – and if I wanted the house covered in pink balloons I got it. I may not be sporting balloons this year, but I do have a gorgeous bouquet from Adam and a perfect posey of pink roses from my mother. Add on Lilly Pulitzer’s guide to entertaining and style from the in-laws and I’m a happy girl. Now I just need some Cheesecake Factory and a night with Thor.

happy birthday jen darling 27

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make this time of year more manageable. It’s definitely a marathon from October through December with out birthdays and our anniversary in a 3-week period followed so closely by the holidays. It came to me yesterday while talking to my mother about Grandma Helen:

Be Prepared.

Grandma was always ready. She sent us a housewarming card shortly after we moved into our new home. She never missed holidays, she always made sure our family get-togethers were fun and flawless. She was always prepared.

So that is my mantra for year 27. Be prepared. When October 1st hits its time to order presents, make party plans, and set up the next three months. There’s no excuse for things being sloppy because I didn’t get my act together earlier. Then our holiday season can go off without a hitch.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made me feel so loved on my birthday. It’s a slow process to make friends in our new hometown, and it is so reassuring to know that so many of you were thinking of me on my birthday. Mantra part two: stay in touch better!

What new ‘mantra’ have you discovered recently?

2 thoughts on “Twenty Seven

  1. Ruth G. Zavitsanos

    My mother says that a lot lately-BE PREPARED, like a good girl scout. It’s so true that I’ve been drilling it into my teen daughters. Forget the “wing-it” phrase because it rarely works out for the best. In fact, I find that when I do a “test run” for things, recipes, directions, etc. I’m more driven and confident about the event. So, at 27, I’d hold on to the BE PREPARED Mantra and take it with you through life. There are some things we can not prepare ourselves for but that’s where spontaneity can be FUN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks Ruth! My grandmother was always prepared to make the people around her happy and feel loved. That’s the kind of prepared I want to be 🙂

      Let’s get together soon!


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