Without Ice Cream

jen darling

Yesterday we took a much-needed break. Adam and I were ridiculously busy over the holiday weekend, ending with a dinner party that lasted much later than expected on Sunday evening!

We’ve been hard at work on the kitchen, and it seems to just be kicking our butts. Adam and his work friend Ryan spent an agonizing 11 hours getting the new counter tops in on Friday. Then darling Adam spent another 10 hours on Saturday trying to get the faucet we bought off eBay connected, before finally caving and buying a new one at Home Depot. All the while I tried to get the cabinets painted, but the humidity was just not playing nice. Because oh yeah, our air conditioning broke. The very biggest THANK YOU to the very kind person giving away a window AC unit on Craigslist. Thanks to you the three of us have actually been sleeping the last few nights.

With the heat wave and the hours of hard labor, Daphne and I have been going through a lot of ice cream. Yes, she has her own puppy ice cream. On the Fourth she had two of them, which we have since decided is too many. And then I saw this print:

jen darling

This ice cream print by Old English Co on Etsy is just too perfect. I can pick any colors I want to go in the new kitchen. It’s feeling a little bit too blue, so I’ll definitely be balancing it out with lots of fun art. Because really, without ice cream there would be nothing but darkness and chaos.

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