Year Two: Cotton

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Today is our second wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it has already been that long. Traditionally, there is a list of gifts that you exchange each year to symbolize your marriage, its progress, etc. Year two is Cotton.

Aside from the fact that I’m ordering Adam’s gift today (he got birthday presents late this year too) cotton is relatively unromantic. We could get monogrammed table linens and napkins, his and hers pillows, or ultra-soft bath robes. Clearly you get bonus points for anything that’s monogrammed here.

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The last year we have been through the washing machine, going through a long list of life things that never seems to be slowing down. And our relationship feels a lot like cotton. It’s standing up to the washing and rinsing and drying and repeating. And in the moments when we actually get to wear it, it’s soft, warm, and comforting.

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We’re heading out to dinner tonight, then Wednesday we’re going up to New York to see Orlando Bloom in Romeo + Juliet (yes, the teenage girl in my suggested this). And every year I’m going to wish that the next year is a little slower, a little more steady. It still doesn’t feel like we’ve had time to enjoy just being married. This article gave me a little more perspective, and I hope that this point of view can help make year 3 a little more steady. 

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I haven’t posted a blow by blow of our wedding yet because our photographer has been submitting it to different magazines and publications. You can spot more photos on my favorite wedding blog The Wedding Row, as well as on Festive Finds and on our photographer Carmen’s blog. But these are a few of my favorites.

carmen ash wedding (5)So I guess we’ve got two down and about 78 to go. Happy anniversary to the best man I could ask for and a better husband than I deserve (some days).

What would you give as a ‘cotton’ gift?

11/12/13 Update: Our wedding was also just featured on The Event Crashers! Such a darling blog – don’t forget rule #76!

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