Christmas at Rose Tree

So I have spent the last 5 days sorting out my computer files. I know, it sounds terrible, but somehow I managed to rack up around 700-800 GB of data between three hard drives and my MacBook Pro. My poor laptop was full so it was barely running – I think it had about 500 MB free out of 250 GB. I’m down to about 400 GB and still cleaning things up. At least I could finally get it running enough to look through the photos from Rose Tree Park.

jen darling, daphne, Christmas at Rose Tree Park

Down the street from our house is this great park where they host concerts in the summers, festivals and a Christmas display. We took Daphne for a walk to see the lights. She was so happy to make some new puppy and human friends and get a little playtime in the snow. Jen Darling, Christmas at Rose Tree Park, Daphne

The whole square was decorated with Charlie Brown, a nativity, Santa and his sleigh, and an old time village dressed up from the Victorian era. Christmas at Rose Tree Park, Jen Darling, Daphne Christmas at Rose Tree Park, Daphne, Jen DarlingWe even popped into a photo frame. I think Daphne makes a more convincing gingerbread person than I do! Jen Darling, Christmas at Rose Tree Park, DaphneThis red, white and blue tree was a nice patriotic touch. And even though I didn’t get a photo, there was a set of green, red and white lights in one tree that were really lovely.

Did I mention it was about 20 degrees out when we went? Seriously, I didn’t realize we had moved to the tundra. Since then, it’s snowed twice more, getting our snow day count up to 4 out of 9. We aren’t decorating the outside of the house this year, but seeing the lights at Rose Tree Park has definitely given me some ideas!

Have you been to any Christmas lights displays in your town?

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