Meet Me in Marseille

marseille, france, jen darling

Somehow, Marseille has never been on my list of places to travel, despite being a stone’s throw away on my trip to the Cote d’Azure in 2003. This coastal French town is infamous for its fictitious inhabitants (the Count of Monte Cristo to name one) and its spicy international flair.

marseille, france, jen darling, chateau d'if

I’m also a big fan of visiting places with a literary touch. But if you visit the famous Chateau d’If don’t be fooled: no one ever escaped during its 300+ years as a prison.

marseille, france, jen darling

The city has tried to clean itself up to match super-shiny Paris, and it’s still a work in progress. I love this quote from a recent Travel+Leisure article on the city’s makeover:

“Marseilles, for the French, is a bit like Marmite is for the English. Either you hate it or you love it.” – local merchant Matthieu Gamet

marseille, france, jen darling

I know people who like Marmite (it still blows my mind, like Nutella, but that’s another story), so I have the feeling that Marseille and I would get along just fine.

Have you heard of this port city? Would you add it to your travel list after seeing these amazing photos? It’s on mine!

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