Romeo, Juliet + Orlando

romeo + juliet, orlando bloom, new york, broadway, jen darling

Adam and I have been celebrating our second anniversary all week. Last year we were able to go to Turks & Caicos, this year we opted for something closer to home. We hopped up to New York yesterday to catch my darling Orlando Bloom in Romeo + Juliet on Broadway!

romeo + juliet, orlando bloom, new york, broadway, jen darling

We waited until we got up to NYC to get tickets at TKTS in Time’s Square, and it was totally worth it. We got 5th row center seats for the same price as the far away seats we saw online!! Happy girl right here!

Before the show, we went into Becco down 46th street for lunch. I was so busy with my Symphony of Pasta and the bottle of wine we shared to take any photos. But the food was delicious and this place was packed. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but there wasn’t an empty table! Definitely somewhere to check out if you’re on Restaurant Row.

The Richard Rogers Theater is beautiful but not so ornate that you can’t buy a drink at the bar and bring it to your seat. I was happy to pull out my Halloween candy after the first act.

The show was magical. There were great modern touches to make it feel less stuffy. They also used fire as an interesting set feature, it almost became a character on its own. Orlando rolled in on a giant motorcycle (like the total movie star he is) and was a brilliant Romeo. Starting off as the broody, lovesick teenager, his awkwardness at being blindsided by love was entertaining and endearing. Along with Christian Carmago’s Mercutio (um hello Rudy from Dexter!?) and Conrad Kemp’s Benvolio the three balanced the teenage nature of Shakespeare’s characters without being young. They were hysterical.

Going into the second act is always tough. We’d enjoyed the first so much and then everyone started dying. Orlando had a better grasp on the second half than his Juliet costar Condola Rashad, who seemed just too young and innocent. Emerging from her bedchamber sans shirt and shoes was probably the best moment of the play (come on, you know it), but Juliet’s reaction was like they’d just cuddled all night. Um, with a shirtless Orlando Bloom? Yeah, right.

In the effort of timing, some of the play was cut and the second act didn’t give you much time to feel the weight of each body piling up on stage. So it wasn’t until Montague and Capulet reconciled to end their feud that the sniffles hit. Still, a shirtless Orlando (and wait, was that Justin Guarini?!) made the show totally worth it. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

romeo + juliet, orlando bloom, new york, broadway, jen darling

Score for an OB and a Justin Guarini autograph afterwards. I was happy to let Orlando touch my playbill and high tail out of the throngs of screaming teenagers.

Oh hello darling.

Hiking back to Penn Station to catch a train home, we popped into Crumbs Bake Shop for a red velvet and a cookie dough cupcake, as well as a six pack for our neighbors who checked in on Daphne while we were gone.

crumbs bake shop, new york, romeo + juliet, orlando bloom, new york, broadway, jen darlingIf you’re near 38th and Broadway I would definitely recommend Crumbs. Delicious.

It’s so easy for us to drive up to Metro Park in New Jersey and pop into Manhattan on the train, we can’t seem to figure out why we don’t do it more often. Hopefully after the new year we’ll go up for another show, there are just so many we want to see!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow! Happy Thursday everyone!

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