Star Light Star Bright

Travel + Leisure sends out a daily email called the Transporter. Filled with interesting articles and a featured locale, this week the Transporter put a new vacation spot on my map: the dark sky preserve.

dark sky preserve, flagstaff, star gazing parks, jen darling

Dark sky preserves, like this one in In Flagstaff, Arizona, are parks that are free from light pollution. With nature at its “natural darkness,” these pockets of wild are amazing spots for star gazing. Grab your honey, a blanket, and some spiked hot cider and head out to see the universe.

dark sky preserve, jasper, star gazing parks, jen darling

Check out these images from Jasper. Wouldn’t you love to camp under the stars like this?

dark sky preserve, jasper, star gazing parks, jen darling

Jasper is officially the world’s largest dark sky park. Canada definitely has an advantage with less light pollution than we do in the USA.

dark sky preserve, usa light pollution map, star gazing parks, jen darlingThere’s even one in Pennsylvania, though how with all the light pollution around here I’m not sure. Definitely adding that to my and Adam’s to-do list next summer.

I remember when the blackout hit New York City a few years ago. My friends were so excited they saw stars in the city for the first time – and probably the only time. Sometimes you need to give a city slick a taste of the country.

So would you go to a ‘dark park’? Is the universe worth adding a stop on your next roadtrip?


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