Summer Starts with Baseball

jen darling

Last night, Adam and I joined a group of his coworkers at the Phillies game. If you have never been to Philadelphia and you come in the summer, a Phillies game is on the must-do list.

jen darling

Without even realizing it, we managed to get tickets to see the Phillies play the Nationals, my home team (when I’m not cheering for the Red Sox – I come from a very Boston Irish Catholic family!).

The best part about seeing the Nationals play is watching the Presidents race, especially Teddy Roosevelt. He always loses, but it’s still fun to cheer him on against George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. The Presidents don’t travel with the team, so we got to watch the Phillie play a banjo duet with a lucky kid from the crowd.

Despite the downpour that continued most of yesterday, the drizzle started to ease up after the 2nd inning. Luckily we had excellent seats in section 107 that were covered, so we stayed nice and dry. We also had a beautiful view of a stormy sunset and of course the field.

jen darling

Something I love about Citizens Bank Park is that you can bring your own food into the stadium. So that turkey and cheese sandwich I made for dinner? That totally came in with me. We had a couple beers in the car before going into the stadium to wait out the rain delay and to try to not spend $11 on beer inside. Then in the 5th Inning, I decided that it was time for some cotton candy (or candy floss if you’re across the pond) and ended getting a beer anyway. I thought I was ordering a beer for $7.75, but no it was the $11 beer. It’ll get you every time.

We ended up heading home at the bottom of the eighth, partially to beat traffic and partially because of our rain delay meant it was already well after 10 PM. And of course the Nationals scored a second run just as we were walking out.

Final score Phillies 4, Nationals 2. Now we just have to get tickets to see them play the Red Sox!

What is on your summer must-do list?

3 thoughts on “Summer Starts with Baseball

  1. Alex

    Oh wow, the atmosphere in these photos looks AMAZING! So great to read this – but it sucks about the $11 beer! haha! Big hugs xoxo

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks Alex! It was definitely an interesting game, and I got some awesome photos! I wanted to bring my D5100 but Adam said no because of the rain. Who knew we had perfectly dry seats! I could have gotten some great shots and gotten in some more practice with my camera!


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