The Ultimate Kitchen Tour: Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, aerial shot, jen darlingFor today’s Travel Thursday, we’re going to jolly old England. The British Monarchy announced last week that this fall you can take guided tours of the great kitchen at Windsor Castle. I haven’t figured out why my breakfast doesn’t come from that amazing, 750-year old kitchen. Y’all know I was a princess in a past life right?

windsor castle great kitchen tour, jen darlingBut seriously. You will get a close-up look at a fabulous copper pot collection and hear about how after a fire in 1992, “restoration work uncovered the Great Kitchen’s original medieval structure.” With any luck, they’ll have some charming, mildly entertaining yet completely approved by Her Majesty anecdote to share.

Your Majesty, might I borrow one or two of your excellent collection of copper cookery?

windsor castle great kitchen tour, jen darlingMy only hope is that they actually feed you on the tour. I mean at least cookies or a cucumber sandwich or something?

I would go for finger cakes or tiny pies… something super scrumptious and utterly British of course. The only caveat: you have to add this tour onto your regular grounds pass for a total ticket price of £22.95 ($35.50 US). Not bad for a taste of the royal life.

What other famous kitchens would you want to tour? And more importantly, what would you want to eat there?

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