Travel Across America in 5 minutes

One thing I love about the Interwebs is that you always find amazing things. Photographer Ben DeFrees drove across America with a camera attached just under his rear-view mirror. Taking a photo every 5 seconds, Ben put together his 12,225 mile (WOW) trip around the country, and it is pretty darn cool:

I’ve been to a lot of the places that Ben visits, and have driven a couple of these highways, so it was fun to pick out spots I recognized in the fleeting instant they were on the screen. He even goes through Charleston, and the Old Exchange building pops up in one frame (that’s where we got married!).

Here’s the map of his whole trip:

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To read more about Ben’s trip and see some awesome timelapses he took along the way, check out the full story here. What do you think? Does this make you want to go see another part of the country?

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