Travel Thursday: Summer in Italy

jen darling

We are almost at July and summer is in full swing. Next week is the 4th, one of my absolute favorite holidays. I love strawberries and burgers hot off the grill and fireworks. I tried to talk Adam into planning fireworks for our wedding… Apparently they don’t let you do that in historic Charleston. We settled for sparklers instead.

Soon, summer will start to turn languid, where the humidity rises and you feel like Gatsby, Tom, Daisy and Nick at the top of the Plaza chipping at a block of ice just to escape. Or like Celia diving into a ridiculously deep fountain after the vase handle Robbie broke just to escape the English heat. This is when my thoughts turn to Italy.

jen darling

To sip prosecco, eat gelato and lounge of a crisp white boat in the Mediterranean. To picnic under olive trees and cool your feet in the waters that carried Helen of Troy and Cleopatra across a magical strip of ancient civilization. To stay out all night eating and dancing and falling in love with anything and everything. That is summer in Italy.

jen darling

Italy is one of the places Adam has explored, but I have only looked at – staring longingly at the border on a high school trip through the Cote d’Azure through Cannes, Antibes, and Nice with a day in Monaco. I would love to rent a sailboat and cruise around the boot of Europe, to sunbathe and pull out whatever rusty Italian words I can find in my memory.

We would love to live in Europe someday, and Italy is high on our list. Just think what we could do with a summer let alone an entire year or more!

Where are you dreaming of traveling right now?

[Images by Amanda Pratt for Kate Ryan Inc.]

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