Travel Thursday: The Unknown

travel-the gorgeous feeling of the unknown

I came across this quote from actress Nina Dobrev, and it’s something that’s been in the back of my mind a lot lately. Up until this year, Adam and I have been ridiculously blessed to travel so much. We’ve gone around the world and across the country. We’ve even started taking Daphne with us.

But part of settling down and getting a dog and buying a house means staying home a bit more. We daydream and make lists of the places we want to go (Italy, on a safari, Australia, island hopping in the Caribbean) and we plan the trips we can take right now.

Adam and I waiting to check in at 5am for our honeymoon flight to St. Lucia.

I read about this family that had racked up over a million miles between them, taking last-minute trips around the globe. I would love to start doing that. To pick a place and just go on a whim. Make plans along the way and feel my wanderlust satiated for a while. We have a week vacation in August, but otherwise nothing planned for the rest of the year. Maybe we’ll do just that – take off into the unknown.

If you could travel on a whim into the unknown, where would you go?

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