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I’ve been thinking about relationships a lot lately. While I haven’t had time to sit down and write in a while, that doesn’t mean things in the back of my mind are sitting idly by. Mostly I’ve been thinking about love triangles.

Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot. Tristan, Isolde, and Lord Marke. Noah, Allie and Lon.

No matter how the triangle comes to be or what happens in the middle, at the end there’s always someone left out in the cold. I’m not a fan of broken hearts and disappointments, but the best love stories end with only a partial happy ending.

I’m not sure which of the pieces I’m working on will end up being love stories, but there is no story without love in it somewhere.

The thing that is so compelling about triangles is we’ve all be there. We’ve all be in a situation where we wanted something and couldn’t have it, or we knew someone else wanted something we couldn’t give. At some point you realize that the fantasy can’t be reality, and you try to move on.

There’s always someone in the middle. Someone who is controlling the triangle either because one created it or because it’s been impressed upon one. The real question is, if you’re the one in the middle, how far can you step into the fantasy before you can’t go back? Can you stay inside the safe zone, or must you ultimately choose and abandon the other option?

What do you do when you realize you are more in love with your dreams than with your reality?

Iin the movies, the person in the middle doesn’t generally make the choice that happens in real life. I mean Richard Gere over Sean Connery? Really Guinevere? You totally would have stayed with Sean in real life. Didn’t you see any of the James Bond films?

Definitely some interesting things to ponder over, and hope that in the next few weeks I can find some time and energy to get some things on paper.

Who are your favorite love triangles? What have they taught you about love in your own life?

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