Just Ink

20130322-081711.jpgAs I’ve been getting back into my regular routine, I found I’m incredibly more tired than I anticipated. Finding time and energy for things like writing, photography, baking, you get the idea, are all falling to the wayside as I’m trying to manage a full schedule and still recover from my surgery. That doesn’t mean my writing projects are completely off the shelf, they’re just taking a little bit of a backseat at the moment until I can get everything under control.

Then yesterday I saw author Harlan Coben (awesome name. I should come up with a cool pen name) on the Today Show wearing a classic Lilly tie. Harlan was Talking about his new romantic thriller, Six Years. I had never even heard of a romantic thriller. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous coming from an English major, but as much as I love mysteries and thrillers, I’ve never been much into reading them an haven’t had an opportunity to study the genre.

Finally, I found a way to reconcile the romantic in me and the thrill that I’m looking to come out of my novel. Now I just have to find a way to introduce my romantic interest early or build him into my main character’s backstory.

It’s not that I felt like I needed permission to have romance in a thriller, but now that I’ve got an example to follow, it feels much more natural. Hopefully I’ll have a new excerpt to share soon!

Have you ever had an idea that you felt restricted when trying to make it work?

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