Cleaning Out My Project Overload

I’ve been thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for this year, and while there are lots of HUGE things (my new job that I love, our great traveling, opportunities to see friends and family after far too long….) there was one ordinary day where a small act shot me to the moon. And it starts with this vintage camping kitchen box: jen darling

Some of you may have heard the story of all the STUFF we inherited when we bought our house. The list includes:

  • A dining room set
  • A china cabinet full of German china
  • Two couches
  • Two living room chairs
  • Two bedroom sets, one with a big bed one with matching twin beds
  • An office set with a matching desk and two sized side tables
  • A huge desk in the basement as well as a more modern computer desk
  • At least four typewriters from various ages in history
  • An entire tool room in the basement
  • All the gardening tools we could use
  • Two lawn mowers, a snow blower, a wheelbarrow
  • Three cabinets for tool storage in the garage
  • Three vintage bicycles
  • And even smaller items like boxes of records, camping gear, beach chairs, decorative mirrors, the list will go on forever

On this seemingly ordinary day I got rid of a whole bunch of really big things that were just hoarding up space. A lovely woman named Brit stopped by with her dad, her a-dor-able daughter Scarlet and a trailer and picked up a whole bunch of it!

What started as her asking for the vintage style sofa and matching armchair:
jen darling

jen darling

Turned into an antique trunk:
jen darling

PLUS the largest tool storage cabinet from the garage, the camping kit at the top of this post, and a patio set our neighbors had given us last summer that we couldn’t figure out how to use.

That’s right. This girl rolled out with a sofa, a chair, a patio table and 6 chairs, a massive storage cabinet it took 4 men to move, and several other darling vintage finds. All from the bowels of our house/garage.

Which means I have more space and we can park a car in the garage! Now to get rid of the riding lawn mower and we can put BOTH cars in the garage! Progress is awesome.

The next day another couple came by and picked up these awesome wooden crates from the basement:
jen darling

jen darling

They are planning on using them in their office to house their library. What a neat idea!

So in one weekend, I managed to get rid of more things that I could image, and all of these pieces went to people who will use them, who have the ability to refurbish them if needed. I was so thankful to have passed these pieces along, I was literally jumping up and down in the driveway.

In the mean time, I’m spending this whole holiday week on call, currently enjoying a lovely hotel room in Dallas. I’ll be meeting up with Adam and Daphne in Wisconsin on Saturday. I hope you are all spending a happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends!

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