Do You Dyson

Over the years we have accumulated some miles with United. Thanks to my new job we won’t use them, so we’ve been picking out things in their member store. I could get a really nice Kate Spade purse. But after a while none of them were prettier than this:

We picked out the DC65 Animal complete because it came with all of this:

Why yes, that would be a tangle-free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, stiff bristle brush, a bag for all these amazing tools and some Zorb carpet maintenance powder. Now I just have to figure out which one is which.

It wasn’t too much rocket science to get it all put together, now we just have to use it. And not like this:

We also got a handheld blender which is much larger/longer than I expected it to be. I still have to open that one up, but I’m excited to make some great soups and bring them to work through the winter. Tip: allegedly you CAN bring those sorts of things through security if (wait for it) they are frozen. I had a passenger get through TSA with two pints of ice cream because they were still frozen, hence not a liquid, gel or aerosol.
Have you guys gotten any new gadgets lately?






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