It’s Going Down

Now that you guys have seen our awesome freshly painted house, I’ll try to catch y’all up on our exploits. I’ll start with last winter and try to go chronologically as much as I can.

2014 winter ice storm - jen darlingWhile I was in training in Atlanta we had some major ice storms in Philadelphia. You guys remember – the ones that hit the ENTIRE east coast and shut down everything. While people were sleeping in their cars in Atlanta stuck on frozen highways, Adam was dealing with a more urgent problem.

2014 winter ice storm - jen darling

Our next-door neighbors had a large tree in their front yard. That tree decided it would shed a few major branches – right on our power line. The main line running into the house was damaged, the grounding wire was damaged, and the electrical signal was crossed. We thought every electronic thing in our house had blown up and stopped working from the power surge.

2014 winter ice storm - jen darlingAftea few days with no power and the heat slowly dwindling to 42 degrees inside Adam and Daphne went to stay at our friend Ryan’s house. Poor Sherlock had to suffer it out in the tundra alone.

Three electricians later we had electricity again. Well, Adam and the creatures had electricity since I was holed up in the training center eating my third day of delivery Chinese from being stuck inside again during ice storm number two.

Once the heat was back on Sherlock sat in front of the heating duct for weeks basking in the warm air.

While it certainly wasn’t fun for Adam and the creatures to be going through this alone (let’s be honest, I’m high maintenance and we would have gotten a hotel or something after the house dropped below 65) it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

We ended up getting new electrical wiring from the street to the house and a new and upgraded panel in the basement, a new refrigerator, a new dishwasher, a new 3D TV that is larger than our current one, and a few electronic odds and ends that blew. Our home owners insurance was great to work with through this whole process. It took a few months for everything to get sorted out, but it will save us about $7-8000 just in the electrical upgrades, let alone the TV and new appliances. I only wish they would have replaced the washing machine. Sadly it still worked.

Now I just need a new stove to make my stainless steel kitchen complete. While we’re at it I’ll take a double baker’s oven and a Keurig. Apparently when other people wake up they want coffee and as hosts we should be able to give them that. It’s at least going on the list.

Here are also a few shots of what our yard looked like, and we’re glad none of this fell on our house making things worse.

2014 winter ice storm - jen darling 2014 winter ice storm - jen darling

Thank goodness when that tree fell it only damaged things that were easy to replace – and that Adam didn’t get shocked driving under those bad wires. It really would have been more polite to yell “timber” first.

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