Happy New Year!

jen darling, daphne, sherlock

Hello darlings! I have been enjoying taking some time away from the Interwebs to start preparing for training and spend some time with my family and friends. It’s been nice to take the blogging pressure off, especially since I won’t be able to blog every day once I start my new job.

jen darling

Adam and I had a great time spending New Years Eve in Washington DC. We had a black tie cocktail party in the city with some friends. New Year’s day we went to the Four Seasons for their brunch which was amazing. On top of the amazing food, they had a room full of desserts (yes, I tried 9 of them). We also got a chance to stop by and see my dad and grandmother (his mother), which is always nice.

Now I’m busy getting ready to leave for training next week and enjoying my last few days of rest. It’s going to be a busy 7 weeks!jen darling, daphne, sherlock

Here’s a short video slideshow we sent to our family and friends. Maybe next year we’ll get cards in the mail, but we love sending an e-card since we can send it to so many more of our friends.

Hope you enjoy!

Have a very happy new year!