I’m a Bit Late… But New Years Resolutions

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Hey y’all! I’m sure you can imagine how crazy the last few days have been. I made it to training and by the time you read this I will be in my first day!

Along with this new direction for my professional life, I’m also thinking a lot about my new years resolutions. One year I resolved to floss every day (that totally worked) and last year I made so many resolutions that I couldn’t keep a single one.

So this year I’m keeping it simple with just three, and I hope you’ll join me in one or all of these:

1. Be Kinder

This is for both myself and those around me. Grandma Helen was always kind and thoughtful (even when she thought something was ridiculous) and it made her such a joy to be around. I’d like to be that type of person too.

2. Cut Out My Own Drama

One thing I’ve struggled with is unnecessary drama that I’ve created myself. I’ve done a great job cutting out the drama from outside sources, but not from within. Things like following my to-do lists, working out without having to go to an expensive fitness class, and speaking my mind more quickly instead of trying to force myself to go with the flow. Yeah, I’d say that makes a big resolution to work on.

3. Be Present

Everyone is talking this year about spending less time with technology and more time in the present – living their lives. I’m slowly breaking off my obsession with social media in favor of occasional writings on here (especially with house projects!) and spending my time doing things and being with people, instead of with my smart phone or my computer.

So that’s my plan for 2014. If you’re still thinking about your resolutions, I hope this gives you some ideas!

Happy Wednesday, see you when I see you!