“It’s Like I Know What I’m Doing”

Sometimes in a big project house like ours the little victories are really sweet. Like this weekend.

Take for example a busted light switch.


This ancient piece of engineering that I’m surprised hasn’t caught fire. This baby wasn’t working at the bottom of our stairs, so with no prior experience and half an hour Adam had switched it out for a shiny new one.


Yup, three generations of light switches are now hanging out by our front door. The more we do the less happy I’ll be when we someday have to pay a contractor but I know its good for him to figure out what he can and can’t actually do. It’s like he knows what he’s doing, not just figuring it out as we go along.

Good thing the switch at the top of the stairs is on the fritz now that he’s had a little practice. We’ve got to keep a stash of light switches handy from now on.

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