Let Me Work It

In my effort to not injure myself at work and generally make my delicate body more robust I’ve been working out quite a bit. I’ve been going to barre classes which I simultaneously love and hate. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist/personal trainer once a week followed by a nice chiropractice adjustment. I have muscles that you can see and I’ve stretched out an entire inch.

I also have some exercises from my hip surgery almost two years ago now that I need to make sure are in my weekly routine. We decided to put some of our extra space to good use and a couple weeks ago I came home to a darling home gym put together just for me.

Adam ordered some puzzle piece floor mats and made a gym floor that was comfortable to exercise on and easy to clean. He also borrowed the banister from the stairwell that has been hanging out waiting to be re-hung. I get to use it as a ballet bar until I make it to Home Depot and pick out something else that will work for me.

I pulled together the exercise equipment we’ve accumulated over the years: varying strength exercise bands, two sized exercise balls, perfect pushup handles, 2.5lbs weights that strap onto your wrists or ankles as needed, a yoga mat, and a rower with bungey resistance and foot straps.

Adam has used it more than I have since I still have a barre class pass to use up. He says Sherlock likes to lick his face while he’s doing pushups. Maybe it’s his way of providing motivation.

Daphne and Sherlock have gotten some good use of our workout room too. It’s a perfect sparring ground for their wrestling matches, which I have no interest in participating in. Thankfully they’ve waited until I’m done with my crunches before they take over the floor.

Now I really have no excuse to not do something every day. Is there anything I’m missing in our little home gym?

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