Maybe Next Time Africa

Hey y’all! So in case you haven’t noticed I have been working like CRAZY the past few months. The handful of days I’ve been off (and home, i.e. not at a wedding!) have been filled with doctors appointments, laundry, cleaning, and trying to catch up on my sleep.

It’s been well worth it, I’ve crossed off Las Vegas, New Orleans, London (twice) and Paris from my to-do list. And this weekend I was going to cross off an even bigger milestone: continent number 5. Luckily someone picked up my trip to Ghana that was supposed to leave tonight so I have plenty of time to regroup and reset for June.

There have been some big changes with the house that I’ve been too tired to write about, sorry, but I’m working on it. And we’ve got big plans that are slowly forming which is even more exciting. I’ve also been struggling with whether or not to write and post about my travels since this isn’t a travel blog (but that is alllll I’m doing). So I’ll work on sharing the coolest things and leaving out the trips where I can’t leave my hotel, unless the hotel is really pretty.

June I am making a commitment to get back into the swing of things and write more regularly. Hope all is well with you!

Cheers, Jen

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