The money pit

Yesterday between doctors appointments two and three the receptionist asked me how our “money pit” was doing. We had a good chuckle and I filled her in on the plans for the house for this year. We are putting in a new furnace this weekend, doing lots more hacking at the jungle of our yard, and starting to find contractors to do the upstairs renovation next year.

Driving to the next appointment,  i thought about just how many houses become money pits. We looked at so many last year that just felt like they would be a colossal waste of money. But not our house. All the work we’ve put into it, no matter how expensive or how DIY, should bring us some return. If we had to sell this year we would break even if not make some money.

In reality the money pit isn’t my house, its me. I have more doctors than I can keep track of. And every time I’m expecting to get more bad news. Trouble with my stomach, trouble sleeping, trouble eating enough and getting enough Calcium or iron, trouble with my neck, my back, my head,  trouble with the cysts on my vocal chords coming back.

It was no surprise finding out I had cavities again or that all I could do to sleep better was try ambien. But it was super not fun reliving the assault on my sinuses and my voice box to get my doctor a look at my chords 10 years after surgery. And then hearing my cyst was back, not quite the same, not yet causing as much concern (you know since I’m not an opera or Broadway singer) but still putting the word surgery back into my misty future. Hopefully I can patch things up enough with voice lessons, hydration and Prevacid, but that may not be enough.

Your body is supposed to be a good investment, but at some point all the little broken pieces in the nooks and crannies add up to too much. I’m not sick, I’m a pretty healthy person and I’m doing my best. I just want to give myself and our bank account a reprieve from the MDs filling my phone book. Hopefully soon.

Thank god our house isn’t a money pit, I’d probably burn it down.

Have you found something unexpected that’s been a complete money pit for you?

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