Time Flies

Monday I had lunch with my friend from flight attendant training, Megan. She was in Philadelphia on a layover so we went to the Reading Terminal Market and got sweets then walked down to Old City and back to her hotel. We spoke about how flying has been going, thoughts on her upcoming wedding (yay!) and our plans for balancing a family and flying.

She asked if I had been writing lately, and I was sad to say that I hadn’t. I’ve gotten out of the habit because it’s been so crazy traveling all the time. But I LOVE it. Sure there are days that I would rather be at home, but spending the day driving around Iceland or getting a reroute to have dinner with Chelsea in Atlanta make up for the long days. The vagabond within is finally feeling at peace (probably because it’s satisfied more often than my internal sleep clock is!).

We’ve still been making progress on the house, and I have just been lazy about writing about the projects that have happened. I have to figure out a better system for editing the photos that I’ve taken, and I’m sorry I’ve been using that as an excuse. I will try to get better and write at least once a week. Just throw me a bone if I add in a few of my fun trips and the adventures that Adam and I have been taking in the mean time. It seems like even on my days off I’m never home.

So here’s to getting back in the habit! I have a long layover in Detroit and some time in Washington State and Pittsburgh to catch up. Time sure does fly when you’re…flying!

2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Erika

    Girl, the struggle is real… and I’m not even living half the craziness that you are! But, between keeping up with family, friends, working full time (plus, at times), keeping up with the house and getting projects done, photos and blogging just end up on the back burner- even though it’s something that I enjoy and want to do and I’m doing the projects anyway! Just wanted to say that I totallyyyy feel ya.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks Erika! You are so sweet and always so supportive. At some point you have to make time for the things that matter most and everything else will fall into place. Writing and I need to start being more serious together, the rest of it will work out!


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