Simple Updates

As I mentioned earlier this week, my friend Jackie arrived on Sunday to stay with us for the summer. I have been busy getting our in-law suite read for her so that she would have her own space. And cleaning the bathroom I noticed the shower head was from the 1970s. oh jen darling

We went to Lowes to pick up a new grill and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look in the bath section. I ended up finding this gem for $10:

oh jen darling

First, I want to make sure everyone knows I tried to do this myself.oh jen darling

But it ended up taking me holding the shower pipe (so it wouldn’t break from the force) and Adam using his man strength against the connection. oh jen darling

It was much easier to twist on the new shower head and tighten the connection so it wouldn’t leak. oh jen darling It’s amazing how much better a $10 shower head can make you feel. Especially when you have to deal with a barbie pink bathroom. Sorry Jackie, that reno is a couple years away!

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