A Simple Homeowner Victory

My mom always joked that my dad didn’t believe cars belonged in a garage. He thought the space was extra square footage for projects and tinkering.

oh jen darlingOur garage has certainly been used that way – to store massive sheets of plywood (sadly not being used as a beer pong table), to cut wood and trim for different projects, or to spray paint in an open area without worrying about dirt getting blown into the paint. When we bought our house our garage was a hodgepodge of leftover bits, non-working machines, and 40 years of junk that had nowhere else to go.

oh jen darling

We’ve been cleaning out the remnants of the previous owners over the past two years: five vintage bicycles (not working), an extra fridge used solely for beer, tool chests, antique and very rusted yard tools, and the odds and ends we had no use for. Someone came by the house with a trailer and loaded up a tool chest, a patio set, and some other furniture from inside the house which helped clear out a lot of space.

We finally found someone to come take the Craftsman riding lawn mower (the size of a Fiat) which was not working. Then last weekend we spent about two hours tidying, throwing out, and re-arranging.

oh  jen darling

And now our garage looks like this! WOW! oh  jen darling

We did the unthinkable: get two cars into the garage. My side has a door opener already installed, so over the winter we hope to put one in on Adam’s side as well. If it snows this year like it did the last two, we’ll need it. Having the garage clean and tidy (and as usable parking!) is definitely a victory.

Have you done anything really simple lately that’s been a big victory for you?


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