Another Yard Crash Weekend

This past weekend, Adam’s parents came back for another visit. It was so beautiful outside we took advantage of the weather and spent more time attacking our yard. Here’s a reminder of what the front of the house looked like when we purchased it, two years ago this week:

oh jen darling; 2013 new house

Here is the link to the last time they came and crashed our yard. Since then we have spent so much time getting rid of things, we could finally think about adding back in a few things. So this year we are focusing on the outside, and we’ve got a few things to do:

  • Clear off the hill facing the street – eventually remove ivy and plant something else
  • Remove the massive tree that is lying in our front yard (coming in another post)
  • Clear out the green weeds taking over a portion of the back yard
  • Remove the leaves and ivy from the side of the house and behind the garage
  • Plant additional grass (also another post)
  • Take out any small trees across the property
  • Remove and spread out the hostas in the front yard
  • Design and plant a small garden alongside the front patio
  • Move or remove daffodils and the dead tree they are surrounding
  • Clear out sticks, branches, and tree trunks from the front and back yards

Holly and I set in on the front and driveway side of the house, while Adam and Rick took over the back yard. Here’s what we ended up accomplishing:

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 1

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 2

We had a massive amount of hostas in a very small space in the front yard, and we got these small bunches to do a whole lot. Apparently there is nothing to splitting and moving a hosta, you can chop it in half with a shovel and it should re-root wherever you decide to plant it.

oh jen darling; 2015 hostas front yard

We made a nice ring around the Japanese maple in the front yard, as well as along the front of the house in the shade where it would be harder to grow/maintain flowers.

oh jen darling; 2015 hostas side of the house

We also brought them along the side of the house to make it a little easier for Adam to mow the grass. The two trees next to the house also received some new friends for their roots.

oh jen darling; 2015 hosta tree 2 oh jen darling; 2015 hosta garden

And we spread the remaining ones out by the driveway. This spot is so shady we’re concerned grass won’t grow, so a nice little hosta garden will work for now.

In the backyard, Adam and Rick had some heavy lifting ahead of them.

oh jen darling; 2015 backyard oh jen darling; 2015 backyard right side

Adam and Rick broke down and bundled up about 20 packs of sticks and branches from the back yard. They also cut up any of the big tree trunks hidden underneath vines, leaves, and years of neglect. 

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 7

This big pile of wood relocated all the way at the back of the yard against the fence.

oh jen darling; 2015 trunk fence 2oh jen darling; 2015 trunk fence 1

The really big tree pieces were used to make a temporary fence to keep Daphne out of the neighbor’s yard. (These photos are from their yard looking into ours, it just worked out with the sunlight.) Putting in a nice, permanent fence is a few years away. It will take a lot of time and money with how many trees are lining our property, and we have other priorities first. Our neighbor’s house is up on the market, so maybe the new owners will want to spend the money on a fence themselves.

oh jen darling; 2015 backyard

Our backyard is now very open and feels nice and wide. The next step here is getting rid of that green stuff on the right and putting in more grass. And then hosting a softball game.

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 3

Meanwhile, Holly and I stopped in at Home Depot. After accidentally getting charged for 54 little white flowers instead of 5, we ended up with a nice assortment of flowers and plants, including herbs, hydrangeas, foxglove, peonies, dahlias and salvia. As everything grows and spreads out I can figure out what I want to take up the brown spaces in between. Dirt is really not that attractive.

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 4

Rick and Adam also put down another layer of grass seed and helped dig lots of holes – for our hostas and for the new plants we bought. In about eight hours we went from a near-hosta takeover to something simple yet pretty.

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 5


Daphne provided lots of moral support, and we tried to play with her throughout the day.

oh jen darling; 2015 clearing out

We sent out 8 large brown bags and 20 bundles of branches on Wednesday when our trash company came around to pick up yard waste. If only we could find someone to pick up the pine tree in the front yard. Any takers?

oh jen darling; 2015 yard crash 6

When Rick and Holly come back later this summer we’re going to figure out how to edge our new little garden areas and see what else we can cross off the list. We can’t wait for y’all to come over this summer and see how pretty it looks!

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