Converting Step Two: Honey We Shrunk the Furnace

Once we got rid of the oil tank, we could upgrade our furnace. Here’s the original one:

jen darlingWe think it’s from the 1970s or 1980s. Either way, it is older than Adam and I. It came right out in a couple of quick easy steps. One of the covers came off so the pieces could be taken apart.

2014-06-07 removing furnace 1

All the air in our house eventually funneled through this pipe. So gross.  oh jen darling

Then the main piece of the furnace came out, leaving a nice big hole.
oh jen darling

I wish I had been home so we could have gone Office Space on this bad boy. It would have been fun to take a sledge hammer to it for a few swings.

Adam picked out the Lenox Signature SLP98V heating system which is rated 98% efficient. We chose this model because it only required an exhaust pipe. If we had gone with a cheaper (and less efficient) model, we would have had to retrofit our chimney with a steel liner. The cost of the more efficient heater was almost the same as that of the cheaper heater + lining the chimney. Easy decision there. We ordered it from local company Sila Heating & Air Conditioning.

Sila included upgraded MERV16 air filters, which is one of the highest grade home filters you can buy. This air filter makes a huge difference for the allergies that I have and the extra dust in the air from two pets and an old house. The company also included a Lennox iComfort Wifi touch screen thermostat that we can control from our phones if we forget to turn down the air before we go away for the weekend. If Adam decides to turn the house down to 62 again I can turn the heat up before I get out of bed.

Our new heater came in May, just in time to test it out over the summer.
oh jen darling

Yup, that’s the whole thing. About a fourth of the size of our old furnace.

oh jen darling

The Sila team installed and plugged in our new furnace before building out the connections to our HVAC system. oh jen darling

They then installed the exhaust pipes and drilled some nice holes through the brick to set them outside.

oh jen darling

oh jen darling

All of the pipes and connections were tightened into place and double checked before switching on the furnace.

Over the summer we quickly experienced a difference running the furnace without the heat on. The first summer we lived in our house (2013) our bedroom was stifling without a window AC on at night. This past summer we only used the window AC 3-4 nights total. Our new furnace acted as a great dehumidifier and general air scrubber, decreasing the excess dust and grime in the air. Once Adam puts new insulation in the attic it will be even more comfortable upstairs.

oh jen darling

The final touch was putting on the connections for the gas lines that came months later. I don’t think I’ve seen anything happen slower, but that’s the next post.

It cost us about $9000 give or take to get the whole thing done, $7500 for the new furnace and having the oil tank removed and $1500 for running the new gas line from the main gas line to our house. Part of our long-term plan is to put in a gas stove and potentially convert the fireplace to gas. So far we’re loving not being on oil!

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  2. Hazel Owens

    I think it’s great that the furnace replacement went so smoothly! Your old one was so large. I’m sure it will be much nicer having gas heating instead of using oil. I hope that your future switches to gas for your stove and fireplace go smoothly as well. Thanks for sharing!


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