How To Remove Wallpaper in 2 Steps

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve had two or three moments where projects have just kind of happened. The first major one was one Saturday night a few weeks after we moved in. I decided it would be a great idea to take a crowbar to the bulkhead in the kitchen. I had another moment in October one day when I went into our first floor bathroom.  This is what it looked like when we bought the house:oh jen darling

Everyone has told me that taking wallpaper off can be difficult and slow going. It turns out, the wallpaper came off in two easy steps.

Step one: find a loose corner and pull gently. Repeat going around the room.

oh jen darling jen darling

Here’s what the walls looked like without that really old school wallpaper. oh jen darlingStep two: sand off the glue residue.

If you have wallpaper you’re trying to take down it probably won’t go quite so easily. You also may not have a really cute cat who wants to make a fort out of your 40 year old wallpaper.

oh jen darling

Without all that floral paper up, the bathroom felt so much bigger. I actually found three different designs of wallpaper up underneath the light switch. I wish I had taken a photo, but it was a very small sample. Still, it was fun to find out that this bathroom has pretty much looked like this since this house was built.

Coming up next: painting!

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