Painting a Pink Powder Room

Once I had all the 1970s wallpaper down from the main first floor bathroom, I had to get it painted. Like many of the rooms in our house, the ceiling was yellow from decades of cigarettes and was more than 40 years from a coat of paint. Here’s where we left off.

jen darling

I sanded down the walls and filled in any holes to create a smooth surface.

Remember when we first moved in and I vainly tried to find a gray that I could use in our massive living room? We still had those paint samples, so I pulled them out and tried a couple on the walls in the bathroom.

oh jen darling

Revere Pewter on the left and Sea Froth on the right from Benjamin Moore.

Who would have guessed that the paint that failed so miserably in our living room would work so perfectly in our bathroom?

2015-01-22 painting bathroom 1

Up against the bubblegum pink tiles and gray border, Sea Froth’s undertones match and tone down the room without appearing overly pink as they did in the living room. We ended up doing two coats of paint for a nice even finish over the very uneven plaster walls.

2015-02-12 finished bathroom 1

Isn’t it pretty? Poor Sherlock got relocated to the basement while we were painting and we decided to leave all his things down there. That way he has his own play space and I don’t have to worry about getting kitty litter in between my toes.

2015-02-12 bathroom finished 2

This definitely does not feel like the same bathroom that we had when we moved into the house. This gray really works in here against the pink and it makes me smile whenever I go in there and see how fresh it looks.

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