No one would say that I have a natural green thumb. I’ve managed to kill just about everything that has come into the house, from potted tulips to herbs. And I’ve done a great job of tearing things out of the yard, not so much so at putting in new things.

To my shock, our grass has surprisingly been growing really well. Even in the shady areas where it’s not as dense, it still is thick and long.

2015-05-15 grass

Our little garden in the front yard is a little worse for wear. Two weeks in and several of my flowers are slowly withering. But the cilantro we planted is thriving.

2015-05-18 garden update

On the left is mountain amethyst, which isn’t doing so hot. The cilantro on the right is as high as my knee. Hopefully with some regular, deep watering it will spring back.

Adam’s parents are coming back sometime this summer and we’ll work on edging the garden and seeing how it has lasted then. Hopefully nothing completely dies!

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