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These last few months Facebook and I have been in a love-hate relationship. Seeing the best of people’s lives lived out over the internet is depressing. And it’s easy to feel artificially connected to your friends and family when in reality you never see them, talk to them, or discuss the nitty gritty of reality. I’ve been trying to connect more with the real world lately, making some new friends and getting out of the house aside from physical therapy and the gym.

We’ve got this green stuff growing in a massive patch in our backyard. As we’ve cleared out the tree trunks, the vines and bushes, and other piles of junk this green weed is sprouting up in its place. I recently posted a photo on the community group for our town, and it turned into a lengthy debate. oh jen darling

Yup, 94 comments. We live in a town of busy bodies (and in this case it’s almost great). It’s since gone up to 126 comments. This thread has gotten completely out of control.

There were several ideas for what exactly this little guy is: kudzu, aegopodium, pachysandra, Virginia Creeper, and goutweed. I also received several tips for eliminating it, from using a home-made weed killer of vinegar/epsom salts/blue dish soap to burning it with a flame thrower.

But my favorite was the lady who offered to rent out her goats to come and eat it all up. Except she warned they would eat just about everything on our property.

(Gardening Goats)

The home-made weed killer wasn’t strong enough (the vinegar also spilled all over the floor of my car. I’ve had the windows open for four days and it still won’t fade). I’m also not too keen to A. Purchase and own a flame thrower or B. Use one. Goats may also be a bit extreme for this patch of yard.

Adam tried going over a patch of it with the lawn mower, and it was not happy about being put up to the task. This green thing is dense, damp and tall. A weed whacker would work, but it’s too much for the mower. We may end up just doing it the old fashioned way: pulling it up by hand.

Anyone else have tips for getting rid of a pesky unknown plant?

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  1. Mary Beth

    I know exactly how you feel about Facebook. I have no idea what the vine is but it seems to reduce the amount of mowing so consider it a new friend. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your posts.


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