Pine + Grass

The house has been moving along even though it feels glacial. We’re still trying to gut our garden and that has been taking up most of our time since the weather has turned so lovely.

oh jen darling

Back in February, our electric company sent a group around the block trimming up trees that could fall if we had another ice storm like last winter. Our next door neighbor happened to be home, so he asked if the crew would take down a massive tree on the property line.

Since they didn’t have to haul it away, they spent the 15 minutes to chop it down, and here it lies:

oh jen darling

Taking up a good portion of our front yard.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the tree has been cut down, but the neighbor is refusing to help remove it from our property. Even though HE asked for it to be cut down, and lain across our frown garden, without consulting us. Oh the joys of neighbors.

Luckily he is selling his house, and hopefully he finds some nice, helpful, normal, community-oriented neighbors for us to have. Now we just have to figure out how to get a 1000-pound pine tree off the lawn so we can keep tearing out the weeds.

The other slow project on our hands has been growing in some grass along the house. This is what our side yard looked like on April 12th:

oh jen darling

Bare and very empty. We spent that morning running around like crazy, turning the soil, putting down a layer of fertilizer and lime, turning the soil again, spreading grass seed, turning the soil again, and watering.

Then I spent the next three weeks trying to water the grass three times a day.

oh jen darling

After a week, the first little sprouts appeared. oh jen darling

And it has slowly filled in since then.

oh jen darling oh jen darling

The grass is doing much better by the front door, all the way in the left of this photo by that little bucket. That area gets lots of sun and the back door area doesn’t. We put down another layer of top seed and I’m still trying to water it as often as possible.

So far, I’ve managed to not kill a good sized portion of grass and some of my tulip bulbs from Amsterdam. I think I’m getting a hand of this gardening thing.

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