Burning Down the House

I have shied away from posting about our non-house adventures, but this past weekend I ended up with so many great photos – and a lot of things on fire – so I wanted to share.

Friday Adam and I went to Napoleon, Ohio for the wedding of one of my flight attendant friends Megan. It was absolutely gorgeous.

This is how we wedding. #mandetakeflight2015 #ohjendarling

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oh jen darling oh jen darling

Balcony seating so we had a great view of the happy couple! #mandetakeflight2015 #ohjendarling #weddingseason

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We came back Saturday morning and lazed in our poison-ivy-covered bodies, before going to hang out at our new neighbor Marty and Jessica’s.

We met them in the fall when we bought a replacement washing machine from them. Which apparently I forgot to write about. Here’s a shot of Adam and his dad hauling the washer into our house over Adam’s birthday weekend in October:

oh jen darlingWe are slowly meeting more people in Media through Marty and Jess, and we’re finally feeling like we are getting connected to the community. They are just finishing renovations on their house, so it’s nice to have someone else who gets it.

Then Sunday we headed into Philadelphia for our first Phillies game of the season.

First #Phillies game of the summer! #sohot #baseball #summertime #ohjendarling

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After a dismal showing by the Phillies against the Rockies, we headed home to christen our new grill and try our fire pit.
oh jen darling

Ryan helped get it started (he is an expert with that 6 foot fire pit at his house) and we waited for Jackie to arrive.

oh jen darling

She’s going to be staying with us for the summer while she coaches an elite team of rowers at Penn AC. It’s going to be like high school all over again.

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  1. Adam

    I like how in the photo of the washing machine, my dad is clearly not using the right form. Meaning he was lifting way more weight than he needed to.


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