Checking In and Slowing Down

I’ve finally hit a day where I’m not scheduled to the gills, trying to recover from my crazy weekends and I decided this post has been long overdue.

oh jen darling

For the last four and a half months I’ve been recovering from a back injury and I haven’t been flying. I’m on my fourth physical therapist and the plan is to try and go back to work in two weeks. I feel like I spend the first half of my day exercising, with PT, barre classes, weight workouts and walking Daphne, then the second half of the day recovering. My strength, stamina and posture are all improving, and I can’t wait to get back up in the air.

This week I’m meeting with a nutritionist to help sort out the stomach problems that have been plaguing me for over a year. I finally talked my doctor into giving me some antibiotics which are helping, but they’re certainly not the only piece to feeling better again. By the time I get back to work my health will be in a great place so I can start stressing it out with all my weird traveling again.

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I’ve also been catching up on my social calendar. I popped in for my 10 year high school reunion. Catching up with a few friends and meeting the new headmistress was a lot of fun. Then my classmate Nikki and I headed to New York for the college a capella championships. We had a great time watching the different groups and hanging out with the winning team, the SoCal VoCals from USC, afterwards. Oh and a capella alumnus James Snyder (who recently wrapped Broadway hit musical If/Then opposite Idina Menzel) stopped by. He unfortunately does not have any single brothers/cousins/male relations (we asked). We really should have asked him to sing.

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I got to catch up with sorority sister (and co-founder of the SoCal VoCals) Audra, as well as a few other Alpha Chi’s from Elon, Jordan and Kirsten. Then our group headed to the Amsterdam Ale House, which we closed down at 4:15 am. Nikki and I took the 5:30 am bus back to Philly and didn’t make it to a bed until 8 am. It was an epic night.

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Then Adam, Daphne and I took off for a long weekend in Florida. We helped my mom purge her guest room, which had been taken over by junk. We also moved her from a 10’x5′ storage unit to a much more manageable 4’x6′ storage cage. Over two days we dropped off two full car loads to Goodwill and an entire collection of old computers to be recycled at Office Depot.

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We definitely earned some play time, so we drove to Fort Lauderdale and went on a morning catamaran sailing trip. Cruising through the canals we passed several famous homes and Steven Speilberg’s $220 million yacht, 7 Seas. Why, yes Steven, next time we’re in town we would love to borrow it.

Daphne had several trips to the dog park, where an adorable and uber-fuzzy miniature Australian shepherd fell in love with her. Sadly, neither of them can have puppies. Because they would be the absolute cutest.

Finally this weekend Adam’s parents came to visit. We took another big stab at the yard and got a lot accomplished. We also had an amazing dinner at Ristaurante La Veranda in Penn’s Landing, right in Philadelphia. There also happened to be fireworks going off over the river while we were enjoying a lovely bottle of Barbera from northern Italy.

I’ve got a few posts in the queue to catch y’all up on what we’ve been doing, so look for those over the next few days!

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