Paws Crossed

Daphne had her surgery yesterday and it went very well. The surgeon said it all went according to plan, nothing unexpected happened. Which is exactly what you want. We visited her briefly in the hospital last night and she seemed to be doing OK. Understandably, she didn’t understand why she was there, what had happened, and why she couldn’t come home with us.

Over the weekend we made sure she had a lot of fun, since the next couple of weeks will be hard. We took her to the dog park twice. She made some new friends, including a new boyfriend named Freddie. He was not about to let her out of his sight for a moment.

Now we are just waiting for the word to bring her home. I will be very happy when she is back on the couch looking like this:

Unhappy Daphne

Paws crossed she can come home tonight!

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