That Rabbit Took Communion

Last weekend, Adam and I found ourselves at the crossroads of superstition and religion.

I’ve been putting off writing this post because this blog isn’t about being sick, but it seems that’s all that has hit our house this year. A week ago we went into the vet to get shots for Daphne and Sherlock. The vet found a growth on Daphne’s hind leg. She freaked us out thoroughly, convincing us that it was osteosarcoma. This kind of bone cancer in a dog of Daphne’s age, size, and breed, and without any previous injuries, is not only beyond rare but it would be extremely deadly.

We did not have a very fun weekend in our house – I obviously took the news pretty hard. While talking to my mother about Daphne’s condition, she mentioned the feast of St. Francis of Assisi which is the first weekend of October. Churches use this opportunity to bless animals, including the pets of the members of the congregation. So here I was with a sick dog and my mother was telling me to call every church until I found a Priest willing to bless her.

I ended up using the Facebook page for our town and found a church who had not had their service yet. On Sunday morning Adam and I brought Daphne and Sherlock to the church to be blessed. Adam’s parents just happen to be visiting that weekend, which worked out well to have extra sets of hands for creature wrangling.

Daphne wanted desperately to play with the other puppies in the chapel, including Father Greg’s dog Toby who spent the service hanging out at the altar. Sherlock finally settled down onto a kneeling cushion underneath the pew. Adam took communion next to a rabbit. At the end of the service we brought them up for the blessing. Daphne sneezed and ran in circles trying to escape the holy water Father Greg flung at her. Sherlock blinked before going full angry cat.

We took Daphne to the oncologist on Monday and she had a biopsy taken from the growth. The good news is she is otherwise in very good health. She’s been wobbling around, and we’re trying to give her a break from the Cone of Shame whenever we can watch her.

This morning all she wanted was to sit on my lap, which was fun until Sherlock joined her and my leg lost all circulation. Daphne is coming up to Boston with us this weekend. She isn’t allowed to play with other dogs and we have to keep an eye on her stitches. We’re waiting to hear back on what exactly is going on with her – if she has cancer, a tumor, an infection, or something else entirely.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t a blog about being sick. But our house has had far more than our fair share: my back injury and rib surgery, Sherlock had his issue, Adam broke a finger, and now Daphne has this going on. You have to give us credit for finding the weirdest things. Keep us in your thoughts.

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