Travel Writing

sunset from 30,000 feetThank you all for being so patient and not harassing me about not posting the last few weeks. I’ve been recovering from my surgery in bursts, and even added a sinus infection on top of everything else. But my friend Megan asked if I was writing a blog post and I thought it was time to get back in the Internet saddle.

I’ve actually been writing a lot lately working on my first novel. It might not be any good; it might not make it further than a few inboxes just to prove that I wrote something longer than 10 pages. I’m hoping to have a rough draft done in the next couple weeks so I can edit it – and don’t worry, if it goes to anyone besides my mother and best friend I’ll be sure to ask for more readers.

The hardest thing is finding that routine that works. A friend recommended getting up at 5 a.m. and locking myself in a room for a few hours. Denying myself wi-fi or cuddles with the creatures. I’m hoping that I can find ways to fit my writing around the rest of my day. My barre class is at 8:30/9:30 a.m. and I’d like to be able to take Daphne for walks.

I am ironically really productive on a plane. We went to visit Adam’s parents in Winneconne, Wisconsin a few weeks ago and I got a couple thousand words done. I managed to climb over a hurdle that I had been struggling with. Then last weekend I went to see my mom in Delray Beach and I got 5,000 words done. I’m finally on a great roll and it’s been fun to keep pushing.

So now I’m sitting at the dining room table between a pile of mending, a collection of miscellaneous tech cords, two weeks of mail and my stack of medical records from this summer. Sherlock is trying to eat my Ritz crackers and Daphne wants me to throw a ball for her to catch. The clutter drives me crazy and I’ve had to find an extension cord to plug-in my laptop. (We also need to buy more extension cords. I think we only have the one…). Literally all summer I’ve been trying to figure out how to harness this creative juice that hits me as soon as I cram into a passenger seat (and occasionally in a few minutes of downtime while I’m working).

Then it hit me.  Aside from missing the crammed quarters and the lack of distractions for at least a solid hour, there was one thing I could try. I always had headphones in when I have worked on planes. So I plugged in, put on a playlist of all the Taylor Swift songs I have, and I cranked out 1200 words in an hour and a half. While I think I’ll never stop being a traveling writer, I’ve got to be home some days. And if headphones is the difference between a Netflix marathon and five pages, I’ll take it.

Have you ever been frustrated by something like this? By trying to figure out what is the missing piece from making your free time more productive? What did you do to figure out how to focus?

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