It’s been almost 6 months since my last post which tells me a lot about the priority blogging has in my life right now (almost none). But I do want to share some updates on the house.

Just dropping the bomb right away: Adam accepted a job in California and started two weeks ago! So far, he’s liking it and settling in. That means our house in Pennsylvania is on the market. It was active for a whopping 72 hours before we accepted an offer. We’re now going through the process of selling our first home and learning a bit through that process.

We had to do quite a bit of work to get it ready, and I’ve got loads of photos for you, including a look back on a few areas with the biggest transformations. You can check out more on our house’s website,

It’s hard to believe this was our house when we bought it 3 years ago, just waiting for someone to shine and polish it up (and trim the garden quite a bit).

oh jen darling

We have painted the exterior, put on a new roof, and done a lot of gardening!

oh jen darling

Everything was painted this pale green on the first floor, and we had this brown floral shag carpet everywhere! oh jen darling

oh jen darling

We painted the entire interior of the house a nice cool but bright white (Silk Pillow by Behr). We also had the hardwood floors sanded and refinished in the living/dining room, the hallway, and the stairs. oh jen darling

Our awesome realtor Teresa staged our home with our furniture and a few accent and art pieces from her collection. I would love to get my hands on her storage unit. The Paris art is a nod to my summer schedule flying London and Paris. It sounds glamorous, but I already can’t wait to get a regular sleep schedule back in the fall. oh jen darling oh jen darling

This is what the kitchen originally looked like when we bought the house 3 years ago.

oh jen darling

We did some updates when we first moved in, including painting the cabinets and the walls a frothy sea blue. Here is the final updated version, complete with new floors, stainless steel appliances, and a brand-new gas range. We also picked up a cool Ikea island in a fun bright blue.

oh jen darlingNot much happened in the in-law apartment. We did paint everything and added a few new bits of flooring where there had been only plywood before. We also replaced all the light fixtures. oh jen darling oh jen darling

All of the bathrooms received a coat of paint, new light fixtures, and two of them got new mirrors. It’s amazing how much less “pink” the two first-floor baths look with white paint.

original pink main bathRemember when this wallpaper peeled right off? Now this bathroom is bright and inviting.

oh jen darling oh jen darling

All the bedrooms got painted. While I will never be a fan of the wood planks, it does look nice painted a crisp white. We also borrowed a vintage screen to use as a headboard since we never got around to buying one.

This bedroom had the biggest transformation.

oh jen darling

oh jen darling

I know, right? Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later and we have a room that you actually want to go into and use! We set it up as an office (Adam’s Indiana Jones poster makes an appearance on one of the walls). oh jen darling oh jen darling

We moved our guest bed and my dresser into one of the bigger bedrooms to highlight the size of the room. We had this set up as a fitness room which ultimately rarely got used.

The upstairs bath had the biggest transformation of all. It used to look like this.

oh jen darling

And now it has new fixtures, the tub was glazed white, it has a new white tub surround, and the flooring was replaced with the same tile as downstairs.

farnum upstairs bath

The symmetry of owning this house is pretty incredible. We are leaving our first home in the same intense, sleep-deprived, paint-covered, frenzy that we entered it. We spent the first three weeks cleaning and getting the house livable for us, and now we’ve spent our last three weeks prettying it up to sell. I’ll be sad to leave our first house, but I don’t think either of us will miss all this work!

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