2016: Rule 76

Happy New Year!

I’m still not sure where 2015 went. A lot of time can be lost sitting on the couch waiting for one injury (or another or your dog’s) to get better, and it feels like another year just slipped by without a whole lot of anything. We didn’t get any big projects done on our house, just more little ones. I started my first novel and didn’t quite get it finished (paused at 35k words…). Adam used most of his vacation days bumming around the house and we had to cancel some of our more ambitious travel plans. We did manage a fantastic long weekend in Dublin and a week in Switzerland, which were both lots of fun.

So this is the clean slate that everyone asks for: January 1st. About 11:58 pm last night, an older gentleman asked me, “What is your new years resolution?”

“To be friendlier,” I said.

“That’s a good one. Most people could probably do that.” He wished me a happy new year and we cheers’d.

It’s not that I want to be friendlier, per say. I just finished reading MWF Seeking BFF for my book club and it was so good. I realized I met some really cool ladies who have a lot of friend potential this year – but not once did I follow up and schedule a girl date with any of them. Girls want to be pursued in romantic relationships, and that trickles down into a hesitation to pursue in platonic ones. If I want to build more friendships here, I need to do some legwork.

But does doing more legwork, actively pursuing the things and friendships that I want, is that the same as being friendlier? Maybe a better resolution would be following Rule 76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion.

In college this was my mantra. I did everything at 110%. I served on Student Government and my sorority’s executive board at the same time. I held down two part-time jobs. I always said yes to invitations for pitchers and killer cookies at Cantina. Our apartment became a central meeting place for formals, crush parties, karaoke nights or just a weekly girls night out. If I was home by myself I sought out something to do and someone to do it with. All the while I was taking a full course load. I have not been good at this kind of full-throttle living since I graduated 6 and 1/2 years ago.

This is the year of no more excuses. The year that I finish one novel (hopefully two or three) and get to the point where I can build a writer’s community. The year that I cross another continent off my travel bucket list. The year that I take acquaintances and turn them into friends. The year that life is a little more sparkly, a little more vibrant, a little more good crazy. The year that I feel like I’m doing something instead of letting time pass me by like the Jim Croce song.

2016: The year of no excuses, play like a champion. And champions drive headlong into the pursuit of their goals.

What is your new years resolution?


One thought on “2016: Rule 76

  1. Mary Beth

    I’m with you on the time passing by. My contentness (is that a word?) overtakes my day. I have no one to be accountable to. I think that is my problem. Though my list is long from work on the farm to volunteering in local govt, one project seems to interrupt another I told my husband it was like the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Friendships, I’ve had a few. Sad to say that many of my friends are over-booked with activities. Maybe I just have a boring life. Maybe it’s a trust issue, maybe my standards are too high, maybe I fear loss as in the past. I overthink things, can you tell? I too have vowed that this year is the year I get it done. On with Rule 76! Happy New Year Jen!


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