Finally: A Beach

oh jen darling

We’ve finally settled into our new place in California! And this weekend we made our first trip to the beach. I know, we’ve been here for weeks, it’s embarrassing. However, since we moved in on August 16, I haven’t been home a single weekend. I went back to Philadelphia to close on our house and visit Alana in DC, then we went to two weddings, and I’ve had a trip to London and two trips to Paris. Plus we’ve been busy moving, unpacking, and organizing.

…….And this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for 4 weeks since I wrote those words. Things have been hectic. We’ve been traveling a little bit more and I’m back on a full work schedule flying out of LAX. And then Adam turned 30. My birthday is 2 weeks away and our 5th anniversary is next weekend. Where did this year go?!

There really hasn’t been much on the home front, which is why I have had no motivation to write. And I’m hesitant to let this blog go just yet, so I’m going to work on finding a way of incorporating this back into my life. In the last year, I’ve pulled back from all my digital life: Facebook, Instagram, and blogging. I’ve enjoyed trying to be present and not only yearning for the internet. It’s always so freeing to be tech-free (even if I’m not quite as untethered as I’d like to be).

So, things are good. We’re settled in our new place. Sherlock has a great cat tree that makes him super happy. Daphne has puppy friends at an awesome dog park up the hill from our complex. Adam’s new job is going well. And yesterday I drove up through the Hollywood Hills to get to the 101 freeway to come home. The view was amazing. I’m finding new things to love about LA every day and I’m excited to explore more. Now to make some new friends who live near us so it really feels like home.


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