Puppy Talk

oh jen darlingDaphne is lying next to me on the couch snoring. I don’t mean the loud honk that some people make. More of a gentle wheeze that lets you know she is running in her sleep, chasing squirrels or tennis balls. Or Sherlock.

We’re now 8 weeks out from her surgery. Some days she doesn’t like walking across the kitchen floor. Our linoleum is slippery and she dreads it. She wants to run in the yard, and she’s gotten faster than ever before. When Adam’s parents came to visit she bolted up the stairs – one of only a handful of times she has even tried them.

Daphne stretches, snorts and kicks her leg into my back. Move over, I’m sleeping here. She is finally jumping up on the couch with regularity and with the help of a reindeer rug that gives her extra traction on our wood floors. The stairs she will get with time though she may never be able to jump up on our bed again. I think puppy steps are in our bedroom’s future.

Over the last two weeks, Sherlock has been playing with her again. Yesterday he grabbed her shoulder with his teeth to start a little wrestling match. Mostly he bops her face with his paw and lets her chase him until she’s tired. They each then find a pillow to nap on, and I hear two sets of gentle creature snores.

Yes, this is what my days at home look like. I have really got to get out more.

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