One Year Down

We’ve been in California for a whole year, which is surreal in how short time feels. We’re getting ready to move out of our first apartment, and into our next place, and I’m amazed at how easy it is for me to move again and again. Our little cave, nestled in the back of the complex, has been a springboard to this new life we’re slowly building. In some ways, we moved in completely. In other ways, we never moved in at all.

The furniture from our oversized house feels slightly large in our efficient, California-sized apartment. Everything is smaller here, which is the opposite of what you expect of the west. Or maybe I’m just used to the sprawling unnecessary space of our last home. 

Daphne and Sherlock are missing the multitude of windows where they can watch the birds and cars and people go by. Not that that has stopped Daphne from barking at every delivery man.

This apartment in Camarillo has been a good launchpad for us. We’ve found beaches that we like, others that we don’t. We’ve started to make some friends, many are other SoCal transplants, usurpers from points further east. Though, there are a few Midwesterners looking to escape Chicago winters and Minnesota snow – Adam isn’t one of them. He misses the cold and we both still laugh at the locals who say anything below 68 degrees is “freezing.”

We’ve managed to buy little furniture, which bodes well for our next place. Our giant walk-in closet means we don’t need anything in the bedroom except our amazing Lull king sized bed. Sherlock has already clawed his way up the sides of it. 

As you can see, we didn’t bring much with us, and it’s great to feel like we are down to almost the essentials. Our ski and beach equipment takes up the storage closets. Aside from Christmas decorations and four boxes of mementos (that I promise will someday become scrapbooks), there isn’t much else.

I just hope we get our deposit back, Sherlock.

We bought a patio set where we eat any meal we want to keep free of Sherlock’s pawing and Daphne’s licking lips. A handful of herbs have somehow managed to survive, Adam has been dutiful in watering them. That is the biggest change, the lack of water. You feel it creep into your life slowly. Oh, I mustn’t leave the tap running. I’ll wait until the laundry is completely full before washing. The landscape was verdant and intoxicating in the first spring of heavy rains in years. But now, the usual desert browns have again become ordinarily pretty. The dying vegetation the worst part of spring turning to summer.

I will say, it’s been amazing to live in a brand-new apartment. It’s laid out well. We have plenty of space and storage.And it’s felt so new, which is a needed respite after our Farnum house.

There are a few things we haven’t used as much as I thought we would. We don’t use the gym regularly, and we’ve only used the pool a dozen times in a year. It’s just not hot enough, and if I want to relax I’d rather go to the beach. So we know we’ll be fine without those amenities in our next place. Even Daphne likes the beach better.

So, stay tuned for our next step!


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