The First Avocado

Adam and I spent a lot of money this weekend. Estelle joined the family, and we closed on our new house.

Yup, you read that right. We bought a house in Ventura, California!

When we bought the Farnum House, we did a handshake deal. We sat across from Ken and signed all the papers at the same time, and he passed the home that had held his family for more than 40 years onto us. Things have not gone anything like that this time.

The sellers have made every part of this process difficult and frustrating.

They took a week to accept our offer, despite being $10,000 over asking price and the highest offer on the table. They delayed a crucial sewer inspection and dilly-dallied to decide how much of a credit they would give us for the needed repairs (aka a whole new sewer line). When we went through all our other inspections, we asked for one thing only and got shot down. And then they scratched the shit out of the gorgeous, original hardwood floors on their way out the door.

We briefly discussed sending them a middle-finger cake filled with all the nasty Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (puke and bogey to start). But there is no point in returning their bad karma.

I asked Adam if we needed to get a shaman to cleanse the house of their negative juju, but he said no. Daphne is happiness incarnate and will chase away any shadows still lingering.

She’s been loving all her time at the beach!

Now we get to rescue it and bring a joyful life back into it. In the next six months or so we’re going to put in a little elbow grease and a lot more money into improvements. Soon, it won’t even be the same house anymore.

So we’re going to sit back and enjoy the first avocado from our new avocado tree. It’s delicious.


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