Welcome Home: Westhaven

Our last house, sadly, never got a name. We didn’t live there long enough, and it didn’t seem like a big deal. But blogging about a house means you don’t want to use your street address in your blog posts (basic security guys!). So we’re giving this house a name: Westhaven.

I know, it looks super haven-y from the outside…..

The house faces west, which means we get some decent sunset views out of the living room bay window. Plus, we’ve moved west. And it feels a little like a haven, a resting place, a quiet spot away from the busy world. That feeling of relaxing calm is going to be a guide while we settle in and make Westhaven our own.

The front door does exist!

Check out some photos from our new house, pre-closing. None of that furniture is ours, as this time we got a COMPLETELY EMPTY HOUSE!!!!!

When we bought Farnum, we inherited a TON of stuff, which was great when we were 26 and had just spent every penny we had on a down payment. Now, we wanted a totally clean and empty slate, and we got it.

The front entrance

Sherlock’s new favorite spot in the living room.

Someone opened up the wall already, so less work for us!

Hey Mike! Our realtor poking his head out from the laundry/pantry room.

This kitchen won’t be around for long! We’re getting to gut and install a brand-new kitchen, as well as big double doors out to the yard. Our September project is picking out a contractor!!

Every house we looked at had these hall closets. Must be a California thing.

The front bedroom – we’re using this one for right now.

The middle bedroom, which will be our guest room for the next few months.

The back bedroom.


More back bedroom.

The smallest bedroom is all the way in the back, which is perfect. We’re planning on adding an addition out into the backyard — a master bath and walk-in closet, plus a door out to the yard. This turns the smallest room into a comfortable master suite!

The bathroom, which actually has great water pressure!

The plan for now is to leave the hall bath as it is. I’d love to do some cosmetic updates, but let’s be real, we’re not going to have the budget for that!

Hallway shot!

I’m looking forward to taking out the wall heaters since I’ve already run into this one. We’re not going to install A/C because we honestly haven’t needed it. That may change later on. For now, we’re saving our dollars for other things. The wall heaters though, we’ll need to replace with something else — something that doesn’t protrude into the hallway so much.

The laundry and pantry room.

There is actually already a doggie door in the wall of the house in the laundry room. Some creature in the neighborhood discovered it and we think had been living in the yard while the house was empty. It was really fun to come home the first day and find fresh pee in the bedroom.

We don’t want Sherlock getting out just yet (patience kitty!) and the doggie door was installed really improperly. So Adam covered it up, and Daphne has to ask to go out, just like before.

Our patio, complete with surf shower.

This giant tree you see here in the yard, I know what you’re thinking: “That would be perfect for a treehouse!”

Well, of course, it would and eventually, it will have one. But right now it’s pulling double-awesome duty. That my friends is our avocado tree. And the avocados are delicious. We don’t have to worry about the recent hike in avocado prices, becasue I can climb up my tree and pick one.

The rest of the yard!

It’s not the world’s biggest yard, but it does have plenty of space for us to relax and have friends over for BBQs and cornhole. Yes, I did measure out cornhole at several houses we looked at buying.

We’ve got some big projects planned for Westhaven, and I’m excited we’ll actually get to do them soon! Once we’re all unpacked and settled in, I’ll share more photos of how we’ve got the house set up until we renovate. The next 6-9 months are going to be a lot of fun and a lot of impatient waiting.

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