Pacific Coast Highway

There is something so deliciously snobbish as listening to “101” by Walla and actually driving down the 101 highway at the same time. This is my place, this is my 101.

But traffic in LA can be exactly as bad as it seems. Especially the 405 freeway. It’s like a clogged artery — if the highway ate every burger at every In-N-Out in southern California and now refuses to pump cars along to their destinations.

From where we are in Camarillo, I can take the Pacific Coast Highway — Coastal Route 1 — to get to work at LAX. This is the road that somehow hugs the rocky coast all the way up to San Francisco and taking some prime real estate in the process.

So this is my new commute to work. No complaints here. Now who wants to come drive all the way to San Francisco with me? Except for the part where the bridges are out, we’ll obviously skip those.

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